Joachim Held is one of the foremost lute players of his generation. He captivates his audience with the refinement of his playing and moves the listener with expressing the different moods of the soul. In 2006 Joachim Held is the first lute player ever to receive the renowned German Echo - Klassik Award. This is in the category "Best soloist recording of the year" for his CD "Delightful Lute - Pleasure. Baroque Lute music from... More

The Original Lute Works
(Johann Sebastian Bach)

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There has always been a controversy over whether the lute works of the cantor of St. Thomas were really intended for the lute. They were considered unplayable - just as the sonatas for solo violin once were. The alleged unplayable quality of the pieces came about primarily as a result of the fact that they were originally intended for a keyboard instrument - the Lautenwerk. But there is another solution: on this CD, the internationally renowned lutenist Joachim Held performs Bach's original lute works on the lute. Unplayable? Hard to imagine, because Bach knew the capabilities of this instrument, even had one in his home, where the most prominent lute virtuosos of his time came to visit. On this recording, Joachim Held brings these long-neglected works back to life. Hänssler Classic   More

Joachim Held got the appointment as a Professor for the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen/Germany. Students can register for the Bachelor and Master degree program.   www.hfk-bremen.de

Sylvius Leopold Weiss Baroque Festival  (Poland - 9. April 2010)


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31. May 2011 - Radio Bremen / Ansichten (In German)
And suddenly I was noble - Interview
9. May 2011 - Hr2 Kultur / Doppel-Kopf (In German)
Interview with Joachim Held

15. November 2010 - Bayerischer Rundfunk / Lebenslinien (In German)
A portrait of Joachim Held: "Ein Wunder ist geschehen". Film directed by Rotraud Kühn.
19 October 2009 - ZDF / Mittagsmagazin (In German)
The secret Prince - Lutenist Joachim Held and his Noble descent.
08 October 2009 - BR 3 / Mensch Otto (In German)
Joachim Held's Autobiography: "And suddenly I was noble"

19. April 2009 - BR 4 Klassik (In German)
Broadcasting: Joachim Held and Bettina Pahn's concert at the "Musica Antiqua" in Nürnberg (Germany) on March 11, 2009.
26. March 2009 - WDR 3 / TonArt (In German)
Joachim Held's solo concert at the Morsbroich Castle in Leverkusen (Germany) on March 29, 2009.

10. March 2009 - BR 4 Klassik / Allegro (In German)
Arias and Lute Music of the Italian & German Baroque at the Germanic National Museum of Nürnberg on March 11, 2009 with Bettina Pahn, Soprano.

21. February 2009 - BR 4 Klassik / Meine Musik (In German)
Joachim Held's favourite music on Radio channel "Bayern 4 Klassik".
15. August 2008 - NDR Kultur / Neue CDs (In German)
Joachim Held "Musique pour le Roi" - Presented by Dagmar Penzlin.

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